Capital Campaign update

Capital Campaign update

Our community’s commitment to helping the homeless weather the crises in their lives is appreciated by those who help them and, most importantly, by those who benefit from our services – the hungry and homeless.

Bethlehem House completed its Capital Campaign in December 2012, raising over $1,300,000 to build a new shelter for the homeless!  We expect to move in October of this year.

With the new location we will be able to house 35 residents and all staff members under one roof. We will also be able to provide emergency shelter to those in immediate, short-term need, such as travelers passing through who fall on difficult times, which is not presently available in our community. Classroom space for hosting life skills classes such as parenting and money management is also incorporated into our plan.

In addition to sheltering the homeless, we provide for the working poor and hungry by serving dinner each night, giving a food box, offering the use of showers, washers and dryers— a service that only Bethlehem House provides on a daily basis in Faulkner County. We regularly have 25-30 additional guests for dinner and food boxes. Our new modern kitchen, dining area and pantry space will allow us to meet these needs more efficiently.

Bethlehem House covets your prayers in serving the homeless and hungry. Donations for the operations of the shelter will help us continue to serve people in need. Our desire is to change the trajectory of lives…from a downward spiral to an upward arc.  This is only possible with your support. Our donors are invaluable to us and we thank you.



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