Social Media

We are active in spreading our message in social media. We maintain an active Facebook page and we are getting our feet wet on Twitter.

What does this mean for you?

You can help us spread our message by following us on one or both of these social media channels. Recommend us to your friends and feel free to share our story, our needs and most importantly, our heart with your friends and family.

What could be easier than that, right?

Two other avenues are available. First, we have a blog which we are continuing to improve on and will share some stories of our residents along with other important updates. Be sure to check out our blog often. Retweet the posts or like them on Facebook.

Second, we are starting an email newsletter. The email newsletter will be a reminder to you of our blog as well as the latest news from The Bethlehem House. Feel free to sign up for that below or one of the other areas on our website.

Thanks for helping us share our message!