Giving To Communities Through Coffee

Round Mountain Coffee has always loved giving back to those in need. Growing up, one of our founders, Scott Forbush, was always taught how blessed life is and that the life he lived was full of blessings. So it only makes sense that Round Mountain Coffee puts giving as a top priority. Non-profit organizations such as CoHO and Bethlehem House are just the start of what RMC wants to do to give back to our community.

Though the business has only been around for 6 months, Round Mountain has delivered an impact to Bethlehem House.  In February, RMC auctioned off the opportunity to name Round Mountain Coffee’s

summer blend.  The highest bidder won the right to name the coffee blend and the opportunity for sponsorship on the bag.

Luckily for us, Kangabloo, a design studio, won the highest bid for the coffee blend. Kangabloo wants to create the bag design and feel for the new coffee blend, and together we hope to give more back to our community and Bethlehem House through the coffee blend we have created.

RMC wants to give to our local communities through coffee. We are thankful for Bethlehem House and Kangabloo for giving us the opportunity to give back to our community!