Bethlehem House FAQ

Does Bethlehem House give away food to the general public?  Yes, when food is available.  Individuals and families are eligible to get a food box every 30 days.  Food boxes are distributed by appointment Monday through Friday afternoons.

What kind of donations do you accept?  We gratefully accept food donations and personal hygiene products.  As we have room, we accept household items and often use them as to help our residents as they prepare to move out on their own.  We do not accept large appliances, electronics or clothing.  Financial donations are most helpful as they allow us to support our greatest need at any given time.

Where is Bethlehem House?  How do I get there?  We are located at 1115 Parkway in downtown Conway.

How do you become eligible to live at Bethlehem House?   We generally have a waiting list, so the individual in need of shelter needs to call and answer a few questions to get on the list.  Those questions are meant to determine eligibility of the individual.  The first thing we need to establish is that you are truly homeless.  We ask individuals to check in at least once a week to let us know they are still in need of shelter.  When we get to your name, we go through a pretty intense interview.  It could still take 2-3 days after your interview to make a determination.

What are the requirements for staying at Bethlehem House?  Once individuals enroll into the program at Bethlehem House, they are assigned a case manager.  Case managers are instrumental in helping residents reach success.  They help set goals, encourage the residents and hold them accountable to those goals.  The Resident Handbook covers the rules of the program.  Residents must be committed to sobriety.  All residents are required to find a job within 30 days, and they must be looking for one up to that point.

How long are people allowed to stay at Bethlehem House?  If residents follow the rules of the program, they may be eligible for up to two years.

Does Bethlehem House help residents find a job?  The success of the program at Bethlehem House relies strongly on the commitment of the resident.  So, residents are responsible for finding jobs.  However, the staff at Bethlehem House maintains relationships with several employers and is available to help.

Will Bethlehem House help me get to work?  Yes, we provide transportation to and from work and necessary appointments in the city limits.

Do you help with rent or utilities?  No, we do not have funds to help with rent or utilities.  We are a shelter for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.  However, we do provide a nightly soup kitchen.

Who do you serve?  We provide a shelter and program for single men, women and families.

Do you take clothing donations?  Due to space restrictions, we do not accept donations of clothing.  When our residents are in need of clothes, we take them to Antioch Church or Salvation Army.