Resident Stories

Antwuan Britton

“Beginning October 2014, I began a ministry in Yahweh. After three months of service the owner of the building I was renting began renting the lower half to the owners of a new shop. I offered all my resources to them including my electric, chairs, ladders, and internet at their disposal free of charge. They asked to take my church sign down so they could do construction on the door it was on. They assured me that afterwards the sign would go back up. I noticed the building owner frequently came by sometimes 3 times a week, yet the only time he came by for me was when rent was due. Whenever the landowner was there he and the shop owners would ignore my greetings even though I was standing at the exit door. As time progressed, I noticed the inside was completed. I went to the spots where I was permitted to put up flyers I noticed they were all gone. I asked when they were putting my sign back up and they got very upset and stated that we had to talk to the landowners. For two days, I dealt with taunts and looks of hatred from the new shop owners. The day of the meeting, the building owner shows up and immediately turns to them and asked “What’s going on?” They displayed disapproval of me keeping my sign up and demanded I make it an apartment room and not a place of worship. The landowner said “We’ll let’s settle it like this, you find somewhere else to go.” They gave me 8 days to get gone. During the time I was moving out, I endured parties, smirks, smiles and celebrations as well as the cheers from local students as they watched me leave. When I got all my things together, snow began to fall. While living in a tent I began to really question Christianity. The landowner had told me how excited he was to have the place of worship, how the building hadn’t been rented in over 5 years and had even knocked $100 off the rent to “help with the ministry”. I wondered how this could have happened and what did I do? I began to blame myself and hate myself. I even thought about becoming an Islamist. I called Bethlehem House daily and finally got rewarded with an opening. The staff called me and got me in promptly. This establishment showed that Yahweh has my back. The staff are very helpful and Yah-minded. Since being here, I have gained a closer walk and deeper love for Yahushua. He is my big brother! Thank Abijah.”

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