Resident Stories

Leo Willingham

I moved to Arkansas when I was 10 from Chicago. I didn’t like it and had a lot of resentment towards my father for moving us here. We had to move because of his job. I started acting up and getting in trouble first thing. I ended up in jail the first time at 12. I was back and forth in jail too many times to count. My trouble led me to drugs. They were my temporary relief from my problems. It became a habit I couldn’t break. Drugs led to a whole new set of problems. I began stealing to get high. I was in jail from 2009- 2011. When I got out I learned ways to avoid getting caught. I didn’t steal but I did still get high. The drugs started making me paranoid. I was seeing things, hearing things. I started feeling like I was going crazy. I didn’t have a home, just moved from one person’s house to another. I started to get my act together but drugs caught me again. I was staying in a trailer and I was content there because I was high all the time. My sister knew I needed out in order to save my life. I stayed with her for a while then I stayed in another facility that tried to help but had to leave because I started using again. I hit rock bottom. It was there I found Jesus. I haven’t been at Bethlehem House long. I want to stay here. I want to do right. I want to work, get caught up on my restitutions, knock those out so I can just live. Live a normal sober life.

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