Resident Stories

Sara Pruitt

“I grew up in an alcoholic home. It was a loving home, but dysfunctional. Growing up, our house wasn’t a Godly home. I began using cocaine when I was 14. I left home at 17. Long story short, I made one bad choice after another. I began using heavily when I was 19. I used an IV to the point that my life turned completely dark. I only cared about getting high. I was selfish and lost. I wanted to change so bad. When I was 27 I had no job, no place to live, not an ounce of care left. It’s scary to know just how close you can get to the Devil. I was doing some shady things while praying for everything to just stop. I was arrested. At that point I gave it all to God. I told him I didn’t care if I went to prison, I didn’t care if he let me go, just help me. After I went to Drug Court and got out of jail I came to Bethlehem House. My baby’s grandmother knew the director from years past and introduced me to them. I had an interview. The case manager I spoke with was so sweet. She wanted me there, she knew I needed to be there. A few days passed and as I was sitting in a church parking lot the case manager called me and told me they had a room. She took me to get some clothes and I remember thinking everything was going to be ok. Getting started in the house was rough though. It was a huge adjustment and I still had the mindset of not caring about much. My faith kept me from leaving. I’ve been working since I’ve been here and in 15 months I’ve saved enough to pay nearly $8,000 in restitution to the people I’ve hurt. I’ve spent $2,000 fixing my teeth from the damage of the drugs and I’m buying a car for $2,200 today! It’s hard to put into words how much I’ve changed. I don’t feel stuck or trapped anymore. I can be independent. Doing things for myself has been so empowering, I can be a Mom now. I know when I leave here I will have the tools it takes to succeed. I plan on going to school this fall and want to become an abuse counselor. I need to make sure I say this, Bethlehem House has been there to help me fix my heart. They gave me love, structure and discipline when I needed it. They have been my family. Drug Court was exactly what I needed to help my mind, they have been amazing and I will forever be thankful to both of them.”

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